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POSITIVO BGH is a joint venture between Positivo Informática - the greatest manufacturer of computers in Brazil and the Nº1 company in educational technologies - and BGH S.A, a company with 100 years of experience in Argentina, that provides selling and distribution of technology products and services.

Our mission is to provide reliable and innovation technology products and services, adapting them to the diverse needs of our clients and users in order to change their life improving the entrainment, work and education experiences.

Positivo BGH

Commercialization, distribution and technical service of IT products with a wide range of quality devices for different market segments.


Positivo BGH Wise

Educational solutions: from the delivery of specialized devices and software to the training of teachers and students on a new way of learning.


Positivo BGH Business

The same innovation and reliability of our products, also in the business. Behind a great product, there is a great support.